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The Future of Dining: 5 Dining Table Trends to Watch in 2023

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The dining room is ‘the’ place to be when loved ones come over, or you want to have quality catch-up sessions with your family. It is one of the most-used rooms in a home. And, of course, there’s nothing better than gossiping, getting regular life updates, sharing emotions, and even hosting special occasions while sitting around delicious meals. 

In India, food and laughter are the two things to a happy, satisfied life. Hence, you cannot have a lackluster approach to designing and decorating the dining room. Tackle this space before everything else because this is the heart of your home and will be where everyone comes together to spend quality time. 

5 Dining Table Trends You Need To Know

Since trends are constantly changing and the dining table is the key component of a dining room, here are some dining table trends that will be popular in 2023. These trends are expected to remain on top for a few years before something else takes over. Let’s dive into these trends and explore how to get a new dining table in Kolkata to add a contemporary and fresh appeal to the dining space. 

Sustainable dining tables are on the rise 

Today, the world’s focus is on sustainability. After the COVID-19 pandemic, sustainability has become a major driving force in design. The dining room isn’t an exception. Using eco-friendly materials in designing dining tables and chairs is good for the environment. Also, they add a unique character to the space. 

The most popular choice is dining tables and chairs made of reclaimed wood. This adds a rustic personality and charm, along with adding history and texture to the overall decor. Other options are recycled glass and metal, bamboo, etc. 

So, if you care for the environment and want your kids to enjoy all the things you are enjoying, invest in a dining table made of sustainable materials. Spruce it up by adding exciting table covers or place a vase and keep vibrant plants and flowers. 

Personalized dining tables

Do you want your dining room decor to be an extension of your personality? You are not alone! 

Most people want their homes to resonate with their personalities, and you can achieve this through personalized dining tables. You will fully involved in the table design and manufacturing process. 

Measure your dining room and discuss with your interior designer the table size that will be apt for your dining space. Then, decide on the seating. The shape and size of the table decided according to the room’s measurement and the number of people you want to host.  Small, round tables are typically best for small, intimate gatherings. But if you want to throw lavish parties with 8-10 people sitting at the table, a rectangular-shaped dining table might be a better option. 

You can decide on the tabletop material and have the table’s legs personalized. It can be as rustic, artistic, or simple as you want. Finally, choose the color of the table. It can be matched with the color scheme of the room or stand out from the rest as a centerpiece. 

The demand for outdoor dining tables is growing 

Dining under the stars is a concept that has caught on quickly among people. So, those with ample outdoor space are opting for outdoor dining tables. For a picnic feel, the tables can be paired with benches. You can also have picnic-style tables. 

Also, the rise of the work-from-home trend has added to the popularity of outdoor living spaces. You can extend your living space by creating an inviting outdoor environment. 

Folding dining tables for outdoor space is on the rise. These tables are a versatile option as they are easy to store and transport. They can used indoors. If you want to create a casual dining environment, bar height tables make for a good choice. 

Multifunctional tables are increasing in popularity 

Multifunctional tables are popular because people want to maximize the space in their homes. They usually made of durable and stylish materials, and used for dining, playing, and working. You will find tables with storage and in-built extensions. There are also stylish tables with convertible tops. So, they can be quickly converted from a dining table to a work table in an instant. The high end furniture stores in Kolkata offer many different options of multifunctional tables. 

Dining tables with in-built technology are vying for attention 

People are constantly looking for ways to integrate technology into their everyday lives. These tables come with features like in-built televisions, speakers, and chargers. 

These tables are becoming popular because they help in keeping homes clutter-free. If the table has an in-built charger, you don’t need a separate charging station. You can keep your devices close while having dinner so you don’t miss important calls. And if the table has in-built speakers, you don’t have to worry about wires or cords. You can listen to your favorite music while enjoying your meal. Finally, these tables are perfect for entertaining guests. 


In summation, you can expect a number of dining table trends to be popular in 2023 and beyond. These include the rise of sustainable tables, multifunctional tables, and tables with in-built technology. People are also inclined toward personalized dining tables. The work-from-home trend is driving the outdoor dining table trend. 

It is likely that the future of dining tables and in-dining will be shaped by these trends. Since people are always looking for ways to increase the space in their homes, multifunctional tables are poised to be more popular than before. 

But nobody can say with certainty which table will work for your home. The decision is ultimately yours, and it will depend on your dining room’s size, the type of environment you wish to create, and the decor of your house. Your personality and sense of style will also play a key role in decision-making. Remember to weigh all the options. 

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